Scholarships for all sports discipline water skiers are available through the American Water Ski Eduational Foundation.

The Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee was appointed in 1982. The first scholarship program began in 1983 and offered scholarships to qualified members of the USA Water Ski (all sports disciplines).

The applicant must be an incoming sophomore, junior or senior as well as a U.S. Citizen, studying full-time at a two or four-year school.

General guidelines for consideration include the number of years the applicant has been a member of USA Water Ski, academic achievement level, two letters of reference, need, work record, school and community activities and a 500-word essay.

Also considered are the individual's contributions to the sport as a skier, rider, barefooter etc., as a worker at water ski tournaments, (judge, driver, committee work, etc.) Students need not be collegiate water ski competitors.


The USA Water Ski Foundation Scholarship Programs are supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and families that have set up an endowment fund for a scholarship in memory of a loved one. 

For more information on how to fund a scholarship, contact us.

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Landen Ehlers

Texas A&M University

Jennifer Odom/David Kammerer Memorial Scholarship

Landen Ehlers (College Station, Texas), a junior at Texas A&M University, is the recipient of the $1,500 Jennifer Odom/David Kammerer Memorial Scholarship. In addition to his excellent work in core academics majoring in Construction Science, Ehlers was vice president of the Texas A&M water ski team and won the Men 1 national overall title at the 2012 Barefoot Water Ski National Championships.

Jennifer Boeckmann

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Tim Olson Memorial Scholarship

Jennifer Boeckmann (Menomonie, Wis.), a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, is the recipient of the $1,500 Tim Olson Memorial Scholarship. Boeckmann is majoring in Health, Wellness & Fitness and is a member of the University of Wisconsin-Stout water ski team. She has served as vice president and secretary of her water ski team, in addition to establishing the first Alumni Club for water skiers.

Kendra Brooks

Iowa State University

Correct Craft Scholarship

Kendra Brooks (Ames, Iowa), a sophomore at Iowa State University, is the recipient of the $1,500 Correct Craft Scholarship. Brooks, a Wisconsin native, is majoring in Animal Ecology. She volunteers in an on-campus research lab as she works toward being a field biologist with a focus on exotic animals. Brooks is also the vice president of the Iowa State Water Ski Club.

KC Wilson

Florida Southern College

Southern Region/Elmer Stailing Scholarship

KC Wilson (Winter Springs, Fla.), a sophomore at Florida Southern College, is the recipient of the $1,500 Southern Region/Elmer Stailing Scholarship. Majoring in Business Management, Wilson aspires to become involved in the business aspect of water skiing through sales and product development. He is currently captain of the Florida Southern water ski team.

Robert Morris

 San Diego State University

Western Region/Big Al Wagner Scholarship

Robert Morris (San Diego, Calif.), a junior at San Diego State University, is the recipient of the $1,500 Western Region/Big Al Wagner Scholarship. Majoring in Electrical Engineering, Morris is the team captain for the San Diego State University water ski team. He was the regional overall champion for the Western Regionals collegiate tournament and placed first overall at the 2012 Division 2 Nationals.

Jennifer Lynn Kaldor

University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

Jean Downes Scholarship

Jennifer Lynn Kaldor (La Crosse, Wis.), a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, is the recipient of the $1,500 Jean Downes Scholarship. Kaldor applied her Marketing major this year taking on the role of ambassador for the 2013 Malibu Open Festival in Milwaukee. She is currently a senior-rated judge for the American Water Ski Association and a USA Water Ski Level 1 coach certified instructor.   

Jenna Gilbert

Purdue University

MasterCraft Scholarship

Jenna Gilbert (West Lafayette, Ind.), a junior at Purdue University, is the recipient of the $1,500 MasterCraft Scholarship. Gilbert has chosen doctor of Pharmacy as her major while she works part time as a pharmacy student technician. She was elected women’s captain of the Purdue water ski team in 2012 and is currently serving as the team’s recruitment chair.

Emily Van Treese

Miami University

Jim Grew/Barbara Bolding Scholarship

Emily Van Treese (Oxford, Ohio), a junior at Miami University, is the 2013 recipient of the $3,000 Jim Grew/Barbara Bolding Scholarship. Majoring in Communications, Van Treese was elected student communication coordinator for the Miami University honors program and women’s team captain of the water ski team. She led her team to a historic win at Regionals where she set the Midwest Collegiate Water Ski Association’s women’s tricks record, becoming the first female in MCWSA history to break 2,000 points at the Regionals. Her honors include Miami University Female Athlete of the Year, NCWSA Female Outstanding Leader of the Year and MCWSA Female Most Valuable Skier for 2012.

 Congratulations to the 2013 Scholarship Recipients